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 " One of   Christian artist around "

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Grace Notes International,


Due to some financial struggles and a recent tragedy that we are facing, we are in need of a car. Living in a such a rural area, a car is a must for survival and is also needed for our ministry. Thus, we are trying to raise enough money so that we are able to obtain a decent car. If you are willing to donate and bless us with your gift, we would be very grateful and appreciative. May God bless you in return for being a blessing to our family. Thank you!    Please click on the picture and donate.

            " Unique musical style, can't put a label on it, would not be able to"


                                                All of CD's go into the Ministry for future projects
                                       All CD's are $12.00 each,
                                             $ 2.00  shipping

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Spirit Wind
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We are looking for donations of
used Guitars and Keyboards for a School of Music we are starting in Jamaica. If you can help please contact us at

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" Any leader or group that is looking for something "different" in Christian music will find in Don an accomplished musician, a highly superior guitarist, pianist and vocalist (fantastic may be the word to describe his playing)".  
                       Christian Education Ministries

" Unique musical style, can't put a label on it, would not be able to"
                            AG Pastor

BOOK     - Don Now -For a Spring or  Summer Concert or Missions Conference/Concert all-in-one.

 Don would love to do a concert for your Church, Camp or Missions Conference.   

 for 7 to 12 comes with

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