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Okay, what has happened to the United States of America? I am so disturbed as we approach this wonderful celebration we call Thanksgiving. 99% of what I have heard has been nothing but the day after Thanksgiving called Black Friday. To me the term Black Friday sounds like a demonic celebration. Something you would find people celebrated in a Third World country. But no they say the biggest day of the year here in the United States. People will stand outside stores very early in the morning and during cold weather just to get a special deal. Many of those same people when they see one snowflake Sunday morning they will have an excuse not to go to church. Do we realize the significance of Thanksgiving. The hardship, many multiple deaths, diseases and sicknesses that the pilgrims went through. After all that they were so grateful to the Lord, and they gave thanks to him. This is why we celebrate Thanksgiving. Unfortunately the United States of America has become so selfish, arrogant and greedy that we cannot see the true meaning of Thanksgiving. So sad. To all of you who will truly enjoy Thanksgiving I pray blessings upon you and your family. Let us give thanks to the Lord for he has been so good to us.

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We are now heading into a brand new year. To tell you the truth, 2018 was a really turbulent time for me. I had a lot of issue understanding stuff that was happening to me back then, often times, I even went into states of total depression. That is why, I hope that 2019 becomes a happy year for me. I truly believe that everyone deserves to be happy this coming year, and I hope that it does come true! reliable on Thursday, May 16, 2019 1:31 AM
Being thankful is a sign that you are still human. It is because you feel the need to give thanks to others that allows others to feel the same towards you. It is hard to be very thankful, especially in today's environment. Everything is just really chaotic nowadays, I do not even have the time to stay calm at all times. I am really happy that I can still give thanks to those who have remained in my life even during these times.

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Every year me and my family celebrate Thanksgiving, we go to church to give thanks and praise him to every blessing he gave to my family. After church we go buy some food and grocery at the market because we traditionally give foods and clothes to charity to share all the blessing we got to every child that have cancer. We choose them because they need people like as that will give hope to them to continue life. I know that every thanksgiving many children we helped become very happy.
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