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What do you believe
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What do you believe

Having a spirited conversation with someone the question was asked to me why are there so many denominations within the Protestant faith. I responded with, -that is a good question.- the person said the Catholic Church is one church, again my response was your right. With 42 years of experience in ministry, living in other countries for almost 25 years I have come up with this, a great deal of what people said the Lord told them to do really has not come from the Lord. The world looks at the church with confusion and unbelief because of what they see within the church. When someone says Baptist church my response is what type or from what branch of the Baptist Church. There must be at least if not more than 20 different varieties of Baptist churches. Some believing in the total opposite of the other. Now you and I both know that God does not split churches, he has never said take 50 people to start another church because the former church allows women to wear pants. When God truly is the center of the church there will be no division, no backstabbing, no malicious gossiping or just plain dislike for one another. I am often amazed at the number of people who go from church to church and have never been content enough to call it home. My question would be what exactly do we believe? Throughout the years I have been ripped apart by a number of people because of my doctrine and belief. I've had an old preacher woman from the Anderson Church of God branch point her finger in my face and say I was going to hell because I was not a member of that church. I have had Baptist people in my face stating that the gifts of the spirit have done more damage to the church and has nothing to do with the church of today. I must confess the early years of my ministry was to please everyone I quickly found out the impossibility of such a thing. As the years went on living in other countries all the baggage that I used to carry was slowly being stripped from me. I saw God's Spirit move in tremendous ways. I saw people being healed, I myself was told two times in my life I would make it through the night and here I am still plugging. I have seen people delivered from witchcraft in black magic, I have seen the hardest of hearts beautifully transformed by the power of the gospel. Can we get out of our small little boxes and allow God to do what he wants. I heard someone say it would be great to take the good from all of the churches and have just one church, the answer is simple it's called a Full Gospel Church. Let's not fall into the trap of allowing ourselves to say God doesn't do that anymore just because we don't believe it. Let's not stand in his way by pointing the finger and criticizing something or someone because we have not experienced what that person has experienced. We are not a mass of individual islands we are the body of Christ who holds up the light of the gospel to a crazy mixed up confused world. No, we don't need more churches we need the people in the church to make a full surrender to Jesus Christ to stand on his word and believe it from cover to cover.

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